Pregnancy Week 29

You have to take lots of iron for red blood cells replenishment.

Mother’s Changes :
For improving the iron content in your body that is required for child birth, you should take lots of iron. Iron deficiency is a common problem during pregnancy and so you must go for a blood check. If it is very low, you would have to take iron to replenish your blood cells.
The annoyances of pregnancy like cramps, itchiness and indigestion may trouble you but don’t let them get at you. You should keep your focus on the positive aspects of pregnancy. Fatigue is constantly here with you during pregnancy and you can take a nap and keep your feet up to stop them from swelling. This swelling of feet is called edema.

If you have heard of birth plan, you can have a written birth plan and in pregnancy a birth plan is a great idea. If you are preparing it, it would take some time to research and let you get prepared for the final happening.

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Your comfort level would start diminishing at this stage and you would be facing heartburn, indigestion, constipation and other pains. Your heart rate and blood pressure may also change. You need to take a lot of vitamins, minerals and iron at this stage. Fat is also needed for your baby as it helps him to grow and keep warm.

Baby’s Growth :
By week 29, the countdown for childbirth starts. The belly grows so large that your legs cannot be seen by you. You are happy because the thought of the baby makes you happy and your happiness is too great to feel any kind of physical discomfort at this stage. Your little baby would no longer look like a fetus but more like a fully grown baby. His kicks are more vigorous and his head grows bigger for the brain to develop.

The baby’s body is taking in lots of calcium so you have to take lots of milk. You may be sometimes feeling butterflies flitting in your stomach but that is actually the baby’s hiccups. The child swallows his own urine to stop these hiccups.

The baby’s head is almost in proportion to the body. The fat gets accumulated under the skin. The brain has started controlling breathing, the body temperature is under control and the eyes start rolling in the sockets. The baby becomes sensitive to the smell, taste, sound and light.

Father’s Role :
You can start reading the birth plan chart and you can also help mom to work on the plan.

Inspiration of the week :
Children are blessings from God, you must be grateful to feel His blessings this way.

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