Pregnancy Stages period for women when she conceives a baby

The normal pregnancy duration is 40 weeks which starts from the very first day of your ultimate day of the normal menstrual cycle. Few common symptoms of the beginning of pregnancy are tiredness, nausea, breast changes, no menstrual cycle and finally changes in the breasts. Whereas few symptoms of the late pregnancy periods are swelling of fingers, mild contractions, haemorrhoids, heartburn, swollen ankles and sleeping problems. A normal new born baby weighs between 6 to 9 pounds and 20 to 21 inches in length. Here are few facts related to the pregnancy stages period for women when she conceives a baby:

First trimester:

The first 12 weeks after conceiving a baby is the first trimester period. Many changes can be felt by a pregnant woman during this period. The major changes occur in the hormonal system which in turn affects almost all the organs of the body. These organs system changes in turn give rise other changes such as disappearance of the menstrual cycle. This is the first change observed in the first trimester. Rest of the changes that can be observed are:

Getting extremely tired
Nipples stick out with the breasts swelling
Loss of taste for some
Swinging of moods
Improper bowel movements
Frequent urge to pass urine

According to the above body changes, the daily routine must be modified.

Sleep early. Eat frequently but small meals. The above discomforts will be felt only for days and disappear as the pregnancy progresses. Different pregnant women feel differently whereas some might not feel these at all.

Second trimester:

The weeks in between the 13th and 28th week are included in the second trimester. This trimester has very less discomfort than the previous one. Anyways you must be informed about these symptoms just to have a check on yourself. There will not be any headache or nausea and fatigue. These might slowly disappear. The abdomen starts growing indicating the growth in the baby. Towards the end of this trimester, you would feel the baby making movements inside your abdomen. Here are few changes you would notice during this trimester:

Pain in thigh, aches occurring in the abdomen, back and groin
Breasts, abdomen, buttocks and abdomen will show stretch marks
Nipple surrounded by dark skin
A thin line of skin between pubic hairline and belly
Dark skin patches on the skin of cheeks, nose, upper lip and forehead. These are called as Mask of pregnancy and match for the both sides of the cheek.
Feeling itching on your palms, feet soles and abdomen area is expected but if you also have vomiting, fatigue, jaundice, no appetite, then you must call your doctor straightaway as these are signs of liver problem that will lead to serious consequences.
You must inform your doctor if there is any sudden increase in weight or extreme swelling of fingers, face and ankles.


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