Pregnancy Signs and Symptoms

Pregnancy can be the most joyous moment in a woman’s life. It can bring both psychological and physical changes to a woman and her partner.  For first time mothers, having a child inside her tomb may need a lot of adjustments, hesitations, lifestyle modifications, and health concerns. Drug safety, like Zoloft on children and adolescents, are frequently discussed to pregnant woman especially during the first trimester.

Some woman may have guessed that they are pregnant even before taking any tests. The first and most common sign of pregnancy is missed period.  Breast tenderness, light headedness, frequent need to urinate and fatigue are some of the symptoms that suggest pregnancy. As soon as pregnancy is suspected, it is best to undergo some tests to properly diagnose the situation.

The pregnancy test can be done early, at home, with the use of a pregnancy test kit. The test uses an early morning urine sample and is able to generate the results quickly and accurately.  Two colored lines indicate a positive result. The pregnant woman may also be asked to undergo a blood test to further confirm the pregnancy. The laboratory tests, urine and blood, checks for the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) a hormone released by the embryo into the mother’s bloodstream.

Despite the fact that positive pregnancy urine and blood tests suggest pregnancy, some books about pregnancy and childbearing claims that these results are not 100 percent correct. Demonstration of a fetal heart separate from the mother’s is another way to correctly diagnose pregnancy. An abdominal sonography can visualize the fetal heart and show it beating as early as the 6th or 7th week of pregnancy.  The symptoms described by the woman together with the laboratory results gathered by the health care provider, formally confirms pregnancy.

Confirming pregnancy at an early stage is essential, regardless of the method used. Confirmation of pregnancy can help the woman prepare and adjust to the changes of her body. For most women, the health of their baby is of utmost importance and they make sure that their baby is free of congenital malformation, like Zoloft birth defects. If you have any questions about Zoloft use during your pregnancy, consult your doctor for more information.  If you feel the need for legal actions, don’t hesitate to consult Zoloft lawyers, many of them give free consultation and charge only when your case sees compensation in a court of law.

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