Pregnancy Scrapbook Ideas

Keeping a scrapbook of your pregnancy is a great way to capture the special moments of pregnancy. A lot of women take weekly pictures of their bellies but there are other things you can record during your pregnancy. Your feelings, ultrasounds, and the first time you feel your baby move inside you are all special things you may want to document in a scrapbook. Here are some other ideas of things you can do with your pregnancy scrapbook.

Scrapbook picture ideas:
-Take a picture of your pregnancy test.
-Photograph your baby gear. Whenever you buy something for your baby, take a photo.
-Take pictures of your nursery. As you work on your babys nursery take snap shots of it as you progress and also take a picture of your finished nursery.
-Photograph your husband touching or talking to your belly.
-This idea may be tricky but photograph your babys kicks. If your baby kicks strong enough where you can see his impressions in your belly, try to snap a picture of it.

Scrapbook journaling ideas:
Not only do you need pictures for a great scrapbook, you need things to write about. Record all of your emotions and special events in your scrapbook. Here are a few ideas.

-Write down how you felt when you first tested positive.
-Record how you felt when you saw your baby on ultrasound for the first time.
-Describe your babys first kicks.
-Write about your second trimester ultrasound. Did you want to know your babys gender and how did you feel when you found out?
-Talk about your morning sickness, headaches, aches and pains.
-Write about your birth preparations, hopes, and visions for how your birth will be.
-Detail the events of your baby shower. Who was there, what you ate, and what kind of things people bought for your baby.
-Include your birth story. Every detail will be something you treasure long after, when it becomes difficult to remember the little things.

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