Pregnancy Nutrition Advice For Mother and Child

If you happen to be expecting a baby or if you are looking into pregnancy tips, then one thing you are going to want to give priority to is pregnancy nutrition. After all, this defenseless little one is relying on YOU to give it all of the vitamins and minerals that it needs to grow and function normally.

You will be able to help avoid birth defects or having a premature baby by looking after your own pregnancy diet because, in turn, you are actually looking after your baby’s health and well-being. You must consume just the right amount of vitamins, minerals, and calories in order for your baby to grow.

Even though you may be taking prenatal vitamins, you need to have a good handle about other things that you should be eating in order to ensure your pregnancy nutrition is up to scratch. Yes, it is true that your doctor will prescribe prenatal vitamins but there is even more that you should be doing to ensure that you have a perfect, little “bundle of joy”.

You must ask yourself the following questions:

Is it necessary to take iron supplements? What vitamins need to be taken on a daily basis? What foods should I avoid? If I am a diabetic, how can I get enough sugars to my baby? Why is each trimester different in terms of pregnancy nutrition?

Naturally you want the best for your baby, and pregnancy nutrition has to be on top of your list. That is why you add some sliced fruit to your fortified cereal in the morning, put some extra veggies in your favorite recipes, and eat some delicious yogurt for dessert.

However, do you know what foods to avoid on your pregnancy diet? Seafood can be a very good source of iron and protein as well as the omega-3 fatty acids.

This can help promote the development of your baby’s brain. Research has shown that if you skimp on seafood during your pregnancy, this may help contribute to poor verbal skills. It may also lead to behavioral problems and other developmental issues as the child grows.

Some shellfish and fish should not be included in pregnancy nutrition as they may contain dangerous levels of mercury. If you happen to consume too much mercury, this may damage the nervous system of your developing baby. The older and bigger the fish, the more mercury it is liable to contain. It is advisable that pregnant women avoid eating these fish:

King mackerel, Swordfish, Shark, Tilefish.

Then, what kinds of fish may be consumed as part of your pregnancy nutrition diet? The EPA as well as the FDA says that pregnant women will be able to eat up to 12 ounces a week of the following:

Salmon, Catfish, Shrimp, Cod, Pollock, Canned light tuna.

During pregnancy, you may experience changes in your circulation and metabolism. This may increase the risk of getting bacterial food poisoning. Since you are pregnant, your reaction may be more severe than if you were not. Hopefully, this article on pregnancy nutrition has made you realize how very important pregnancy nutrition is. Remember, you control the destiny of your child.

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