Pregnancy and Weight Control Top 10 Facts

* Junk Foods and Pregnancy Weight Control All junk foods pile on the calories. They contain additives harmful to mom and the baby. They also contain vitamin A in synthetic form, which is toxic. Under the banner of junk foods come margarine, processed white flour products, sweets, soft drinks and take-away fast foods.

* Caffeine Reduce or eliminate intake of caffeine. Do not exceed 200mg per day. Caffeine lowers iron absorption. It can also affect fetal growth, so reducing the weight at birth. It may increase the risk of miscarriage.

* Alcohol No alcohol should be consumed during pregnancy. It is bad for the baby and adds unnecessary extra weight to mom. Alcohol is potentially more dangerous than any other food or drink. Many expectant moms consume a very small amount very occasionally, but really it is best to avoid it altogether for the duration of pregnancy.

* Trans Fats Trans fats reduce the conversion of fatty acids. These acids are essential for brain growth in the fetus. Trans fats also lower breast milk fat. Take absolutely nothing containing trans fats; there is no safe minimum, or maximum. If a product states it is partially hydrogenated, it contains trans fats; do not eat it. They are not good for mom’s weight control either.

* Other Foods to Avoid for Weight Control During Pregnancy Sweeteners, commercially fried foods, soy and food additives should not be used while pregnant. They can all affect the normal development of the fetus and do not give the correct nutrients to mom’s body, while increasing her body weight which she can not burn off while pregnant.

* Essential Foods, Vitamins and Minerals A proper guide must be followed to ensure the best results for both fetal development and your own weight control. Most will include the following foods which contain the vitamins and minerals described.

* Essential Foods for Pregnancy and Weight Control Fine quality protein food (such as grass-fed meat and poultry), eggs from free range grass-fed chickens), better quality dairy products (raw grass-fed: cheese, cream, milk and butter), steeped grains and nuts, home-made soups and broths, organic and freshly harvested fruit and vegetables, good quality fat, lacto-fermented comestibles, concentrated fish oil and plenty of good drinking water.

* The Right Vitamins and Minerals Vitamin B, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, vitamin D, a balanced omega 3 to omega 6 ratio, conjugated linolenic acid, vitamin A (absolutely excellent!), vitamin C and folate.

* The Best Vitamin It will probably come as a surprise to many expectant moms, but the best vitamin for the fetus and your body is, in fact, vitamin A. Research has shown a far better health outcome (with virtually no congenital disorders) for babies whose moms take plenty of vitamin A during pregnancy. However, supplements are nowhere near as good as vitamin A derived from organic foodstuffs.

* Natural Sources of Vitamin A Liver, cod liver oil, rich butter and its fat, egg yolks, fish, offal such as kidney, heart and brain, grass-fed free range dairy products and meats.

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