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The internet is an incredibly resource where you can find practically anything you need to know if you look long and hard enough. Often we use this for matters of business, sometimes for education, and sometimes just for interest. If you want to learn something new and interesting then some random surfing of the web can be a great way to encounter things that you didn’t know about and that you find interesting and to increase your knowledge generally.
 However if there’s something specific you need to know badly then the internet suddenly becomes and even more valuable resource. If you find yourself worrying about pregnancy, or about parenting, then this is a concern that will effect not only you but also your children and so it becomes something that you will want to look into very seriously. There are hundreds of little questions that your average mother will have when she is pregnant or when she is raising a child, and while all of them can be highly distressing and alarming, she can’t call the doctor or the experts every two minutes with a concern and so she is often left to deal with the problems on her own. This is why parenting websites are so useful – because they give her somewhere that she can check herself whether these things are normal and can even discuss with other mothers what she’s going through (and it can be just as useful a resource for Fathers too).

 Here we will look at a few examples of the kinds of concerns that Mothers and Fathers might have about their pregnancy or their child and we will look at some of the answers.

How can you increase the chances of pregnancy?

 The best way to increase the chances of pregnancy are to use an ovulation calendar and try to have intercourse while the woman is ovulating. This is when she is most likely to get pregnant, but it’s important to try around that time as well.

Is it normal to bleed after becoming pregnant?

 Something called implantation bleeding can occur shortly after pregnancy and can result in ‘spotting’ which is a much lighter kind of bleeding found usually on the inside lining of the underwear. This is caused by the wall of uterus bleeding when the egg attaches itself, and is completely normal and healthy.

What should I call my child?

 There are hundreds of suggestions for baby names that you can find on parenting websites and blogs, as well as some suggestions as to how to go about picking them. This is a very important decision that will affect your child’s life in a big way.

What are the signs of autism?

 There are many signs of autism and these can depend on the severity of the condition. Common tells are the child refusing to maintain eye contact, lack of interest in other children, repetitive behavior, self harm, lack of empathy and obsessive interests.

 These are just some questions you might ask during pregnancy or parenting, and many more answers can be found on parenting and pregnancy blogs.

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