Natural Fertility: An Option For a Natural Pregnancy

Inability to have a baby is called Infertility; it is a problem that most of couples are experiencing. Infertility may happen to both men and women, but it doesn’t ends there. It can be corrected.

Causes of infertility has been unveiled by many specialist and here are some options  done in some fertility clinics to treat infertility problems  :natural fertility, in vitro fertilization (IVF), intrauterine insemination (IUI), Surrogacy, eggs and sperm donors,  intracytoplasmic  sperm injection (ICSI), etc.






Natural fertility programs (herbal medications, massage, stress management, nutrition management, counseling, etc)

Procedures and herbal medications taken incorrectly  may not work

Safe, easy and natural

Procedures done are all natural.

$ 200- $ 800


Risk of having multiple births, this may affect the baby’s health.

10%-20% pregnancy success rate

Will undergo medical procedures

$ 4,000-$ 20,000 up

(depending in which country it will take place)


Fertility medications given, this procedure may cause nausea

15%-20% pregnancy success rate

Will undergo medical procedures

$ 300-$ 800

Egg and Sperm donation

It is so costly

High pregnancy success rate

Will undergo medical procedures

$ 25,000-$ 40,000


The baby conceived will be biologically connected to the surrogate, not your partner.

50%-60% pregnancy success rate

Will undergo medical procedures

$ 20,000-$ 120,000




Abnormalities in pregnancy may occur

50%- 80%  pregnancy success rate

Will undergo medical procedures

$ 1,200 -$ ,1800

Natural fertility programs offers treatments such as:

Stress therapy; this will help a person maintain the balance of their body and good health.

Herbal medication; fertility herbs are used as an alternative medication to correct fertility issues; there are many claims that men and women having infertility issues were reversed.

Counseling four couples having difficulties in having their own child are being offered in some fertility clinics; in this way  couples are prepared emotionally, they are informed of what their partner is going through. Understanding fully how infertility would avoid couples in blaming their partner, but instead giving their partner the support all through out the program. There will be  lot of programs available for each case.

You can decide what type of treatment you would want to go through. But always consider that the most important thing is your child’s health. Conceiving your own child will be so fulfilling. Natural Fertility programs will offer natural remedies for men and women’s infertility problems.  Having your baby in a natural way will assure that yours and your baby’s health will be out of risk.


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