My $80 Per Month Pregnancy Test Addiction

I was OBSESSED. I could have SWORN I was pregnant. I swear I had ALL the signs of being pregnant!!

Come on… Are you with me? Have you ever felt like that before? I think we all have been there when we were trying to get pregnant. If you are like me (most people aren’t as crazy) you would use up to 20 pregnancy tests EASY every cycle. Ok, I couldn’t keep up with my addiction in testing for pregnancy (tests in the store are approximately $ 4/each at best) so I had to find the cheapest way to support my addiction. To this day, my husband still doesn’t know about my crazy pregnancy test addiction! So you better not spill the beans!

Since I couldn’t support my $ 80 per month pregnancy test addiction, I had to find a cheaper way to support it. I used Google to search for pregnancy test retailers online. I searched high and low, far and wide. I eventually settled on The Fertility Shop, at $ .60/test, I could get dozens! If I still used 20 tests per month, that would only be $ 12!!! I had cut the cost of my addiction into a fraction of what it was costing me.

How exciting!! RIGHT? All humor aside, testing that often really isn’t necessary. Testing first thing in the morning is generally the best way to test for pregnancy because HCG levels are the most concentrated in morning urine. You’ve been holding it for nearly 8 hours, THAT’S why it’s most concentrated.

I’m being logical about this right now, but when I try for baby #2, I GUARANTEE I will take up my pregnancy test addiction.

I’m OK with it. At least it only lasts until I get pregnant. I think that’s why my husband doesn’t need to know about my addiction. It can be our little secret.

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