Mexican Food In Dehradun

Colorful decoration, variety of spices and the indigenous taste of Mexico comes alive in a place that has no otherwise connection with the Spanish-speaking country. Mexican food in Dehradun is as good and as real as how it would have been in Mexico. In the beautiful mountain town of Dehradun, different cuisines come alive in its favorite food joint TownTable. It is one of the most visited restaurants in the Himalayan town and offers a multi-cuisine menu that is as good as any international restaurant.

Apart from being known for the famous tourist locations, educational institutions and a booming IT powerhouse, Dehradun is also becoming famous for the variety of food it offers. From road-side eateries to multi-cuisine restaurants and five-star like facilities, the town has variety of all sorts to offer. The heart of the city- Rajpur Road – is thronged by all the restaurants and it is here you can get any kind of food in Dehradun.  

Among all the restaurants in Dehradun, TownTable has acquired a name for itself because of the delightful Mexican cuisine it offers. You can taste the Mexican staple food of corn and beans and get served a variety of dishes out of these two things. If you are a person who loves squash and peppers then you should try the Mexican delicacy which is considered one of the most varied cuisines in the world. Cheese, chocolates also features a lot in the Mexican dishes and TownTable Dehradun has many dishes specially made of these things. With world influence creeping into the traditional Mexican cuisine, a new kind of American styled Mexican food is also becoming very popular around the world.

The variations come in the form of items such as grated American-style cheese, “nacho” cheese or tomato-based sauce substitutes for Mexican Chile-based sauces or mole.

The taste of Mexican food in Dehradun becomes much better when you have it in the right ambience. TownTable Dehradun has the perfect décor that makes it a delightful experience to have the spices of Mexico. Enjoy the mountains and the play of the clouds from the terrace. This is the perfect location for romantics who want to enjoy a quiet evening in the midst of nature. TownTable also takes care of the group of friends who come to a restaurant to savor a moment and have a good time. Step into the lounge area and get comfortable in the couches that are comfortably placed to give a very informal look to the place. For the family gathering, the main area of the restaurant is the place to be. It is basically a large hall having wooden work done around the area. With so many options and your favorite cuisine in the menu, there is hardly anything that you will not like about this restaurant in Dehradun!

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