Low Fat Beef Recipes

So you cant do without your beef? Beef dishes dont necessarily have to spell disaster for your weight loss diet plan. You just need to make a more informed choice to enjoy the enticing taste of beef without throwing your weight loss plan off course. Here are some great low fat beef recipes so you can execute beef without the guilt of piling up calories.

Low Fat Beef Chili Recipe


1.Sirloin or ground lean beef: pound

2.Green pepper, chopped: cup

3.Onions, chopped: 1 cup

4.Beef broth, low sodium: 14oz

5.Tomato sauce, law salt: 8oz

6.Tomato paste, law salt: 6oz

7.Cumin: teaspoon

8.Chili powder: 2 teaspoon

9.Dark red kidney beans, un-drained: 2 cans, 15oz each


Cook the beef, green peppers and the onions over medium heat, till the green peppers and onions are soft and the beef is well cooked. Strain all of it and then run under hot water so that the beef loses its oily feeling when touched. Add the remaining ingredients and bring it all to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer. Adjust the seasonings to suit your taste.

Low Fat Beef Lasagna


1.Lasagna noodles, cooked: 10oz

2.Pieces of mushroom, drained: 8oz

3.Ground beef, extra lean: pound

4.Onion, chopped: 1

5.Carrots, peeled and shredded: 2 medium

6.Spaghetti sauce, low fat: 30oz

7.Fat free cottage cheese: 16oz

8.Mozzarella cheese, part skimmed: 8oz


Cook the lasagna noodles, drain and set aside. Cook the beef in a fry pan or a skillet. Drain the fat and place the beef in a colander. Now rinse using hot water and add the onions and mushrooms to the cooked beef. Take a 9 by 13 by 2 inch baking pan. Layer it with one third of the cooked lasagna noodles along with half the mozzarella cheese, half of the beef mixture, half the cottage cheese, half the carrots and one third of the sauce. Now repeat the layers and top off with the remaining sauce and noodles. Cook uncovered for about 35 minutes at around 350 degrees. Remove from oven and cover it with a foil. Let it stand for around 20 minutes before you serve.

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