Just Exactly What Are Some Healthy Snacks

I have found that I lose concentration if I haven’t got anything to snack on while I am reading and studying. I’ve recently taken up eating a treat whenever I am studying as I find it can help me focus and I have my finals approaching in a few weeks.

One of the solutions I have found is to make up some potato salad in advance, and that is great because I can snack on it as soon as it is cool. I peel some salad potatoes and then boil them for thirty minutes and let them cool. I slice up the potatoes into big pieces and mix these with some boiled egg, onion and chives – all chopped as well – and then combine some mayonnaise to help bind it. The moment I have finished I put the dish in the refrigerator, and then I can make use of the potato salad throughout the next few days. As my grades are improving I can only presume it is doing the trick!

There are often fruit and vegetables as well, of course, and one of my distinct favourites, nuts. Walnuts and almonds are meant to be really good for you and popcorn is not bad either if you do not drown it in butter. I have to be careful with my cholesterol and dairy foods are rather fattening. To add a savoury angle to the popcorn I occasionally add some Parmesan cheese. Yet another healthy snack I like is yoghurt, and quite often I mix fresh fruit yoghurt with plain that gives it plenty of taste without getting too sweet.

If in case you have your hands full but still need a snack, try dipping a stick of celery or raw carrot in some low fat ranch dressing. When I can I choose organic vegetables and fruit, including all types of berries because they’re particularly an excellent source of antioxidants. A bit of warm toast can be a nice replacement for fruit or vegetables, and it’s quick to make and uncomplicated to eat. If you opt for cookies or anything else from a box or bag, make certain it has some nutritional value which may provide you with energy. Whole grain snacks and unsweetened ones are the best balance between taste and energy, and don’t forget, the fewer ingredients on the label, the better.

Try eating granola bars, fruit bars and rice cakes – these are generally fat free and can become savoury or sweet with the addition of yeast extract spread or jam. They have the same crunch as potato chips but are a fraction of the calories, so you won’t miss them.

If you are a diabetic, your choice of snack becomes more important. A lot of us like a banana as a healthy snack, however for people with diabetes they may be risky since the high sugar content could potentially cause an unhealthy increase in blood sugar levels. Diabetes sufferers should keep track of the quantity of snacks they eat as too many can certainly bring about an increase in weight which can make blood glucose levels rise even more.

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