Jamaican Recipes

There are a lot of good reasons to begin experimenting with Jamaican recipes. Not only can you create the most amazing blends of flavor and texture, but you’ll be surprised by how easy it can be to create delicious meals with that unique Caribbean harmony.Cooking is an important part of Jamaican culture, with the majority of ingredients for the dishes originally gleaned from produce and spices found locally. These days it’s easy to pick up all of the ingredients you need to create authentic Jamaican recipes from a good supermarket.The basis for most Jamaican recipes comes from a successful blend of the island’s multi-cultural heritage. Incorporating elements of Spanish, English, African, Chinese and East Indian into the recipes means the food is influenced by the history and made popular by its unique taste.One of the key secrets to getting that real authentic taste into your Jamaican recipes is temperature. Understanding when to add certain ingredients is more about releasing the fragrances and mouth-watering flavors when the water or the oil is at just the right temperature.

By paying careful attention to how fast or slow you’re cooking each recipe, you can modify the way your food tastes simply because some spices will react differently when you cook them in various ways. This is also true of the temperature you use to cook your meals, whether you should be using a low heat or a higher heat to allow the ingredients to blend in just the right way.Don’t be put off by this. Learning the right temperatures doesn’t mean cooking with thermometers or any special utensils. It simply means understanding the right time to add your spices and herbs to give the tastes you want to achieve.

For example, adding spices to boiling water will give you a different end result than if you’d added spices to warm water.Jamaican dessert recipes are also some of the best you’ll find anywhere, incorporating a flavorful mix of sweet tropical fruits and coconut milk. Coffee is another important ingredient, not only for drinking, but often incorporated into some recipes.If you’re not used to cooking much, but you want to add some easy Jamaican recipes to your family meals, then don’t be afraid to experiment with some of the dishes available. You’ll be surprised to find that it’s much easier than you might think to create wonderful meals with a Caribbean flavor that everyone will love.To learn more about Jamaican recipes and cooking tips, please visit here    

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