Is Beyonce Knowles Pregnant – Rumors About Beyonce Being Pregnant

Is Beyonce Knowles pregnant? There have been rumors about Beyonce being pregnant, and at least one website has published that they have sources confirming that it is true.


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Could the famously attractive Beyoncé Knowles be introducing a brand new curve added to her physique? Is Beyonce Knowles pregnant? The New York Post published a report cited from the urban website stating that a trustworthy source has affirmed that the vocalist is actually expecting a baby. Her husband, hip hop artist Jay-Z, is reported to be thrilled to be having his very first baby along with her. Beyoncé’s publicity manager, on the other hand, did not comment to the Post regarding the possible pregnancy.

With respect to the source Beyonce has been doing very well and resting, however she is thought likely to carry on working during her maternity. Some friends of singer Beyonce Knowles appear to have also confirmed that she is pregnant.

At first Beyonce and Jay-Z obtained a marriage license, next they had been rumored to have already been wedded. Mary J. Blige then confirmed the actual union. This past year, Beyonce was adamant that she wouldn’t force Jay-Z, who is 38 years old, in to having kids, declaring: “You can’t rush a man into anything whether it’s a relationship, marriage or having children.”

Beyonce additionally sparked rumours she was expecting right after she was seen in New York City having what seemed to be a baby bump.

Subsequent to the couple’s Spring marriage ceremony, celebrity Vivica A. Fox thought it would not end up being very long before they began a family, saying: “I wish them many, many years of happiness and some babies.”  The rumors about Beyonce being pregnant will continue to circulate until there is a final confirmation from Beyonce herself.

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