Ingredients For a Healthy Pregnancy – Diet Health During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is not merely a one-woman job. Although the woman does the main task of carrying the baby in her womb for nine months, the cooperation and support that her husband or partner provides is just as important in ensuring the success of the pregnancy. One way in which the husband or partner can demonstrate his support is by participating in a men’s health diet in the same manner that his wife is undergoing a pregnancy health diet. Doing so would benefit two things – while his being on a men’s health diet during his wife’s pregnancy serves as a source of encouragement for his wife, his health is boosted as well. Though there are no clear-cut formulas for a perfect pregnancy, there are plenty of factors that can aid greatly in ensuring the pregnancy’s success, such as: having a healthy diet during pregnancy, having the husband or partner participate in a men’s health diet, and making sure to take a good amount of DHA Omega-3 nutrients.

What is DHA Omega-3, and how can it help in ensuring a healthy pregnancy? It is a group of essential fatty acids absorbed by the body through the food we eat. DHA Omega-3 serves to regulate bodily systems such as the cardiovascular and reproductive systems, which are particularly important functions for someone who is pregnant. Taking good amount of DHA Omega-3 is beneficial not only for a pregnant woman, but improves men’s health, and especially the baby’s health as well. Nutrients in Omega-3 help to fully develop the brain and nervous system, form the retinas, and aid in forming the tissue of a baby in the womb. Aside from these, babies who receive a good amount of Omega-3 before they are born are less likely to possess any birth defects, or acquire breast or prostate cancer, or any other chronic illness, in the future.

Given this fact, consuming DHA Omega-3 as part of the diet during pregnancy would not only benefit the woman, man, and baby’s health for the time being, but would bring about long-term positive health effects as well.

The importance of including Omega-3 as part of the diet during pregnancy as well as the men’s health diet should not be underestimated. DHA Omega-3 can mostly be found in the following:
• Fish with oil such as mackerel and sardines
• Fish oil and cod liver supplements
• Tuna
• Bread and fruit juice
• Vegetables, especially the ones which are green and leafy
• Sunflower seeds
• Walnuts

As with any food, however, too much of Omega-3 foods could be harmful instead of being helpful. The high sodium content in too much sardines, for instance, could have a detrimental effect to the diet during pregnancy as well as men’s and the baby’s health. The key is to consume foods rich in Omega-3 as part of the pregnancy diet in moderate amounts. By keeping this in mind, the health of the mother during pregnancy, the men’s health, and most importantly the baby’s health are better improved.

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