Information on pregnancy tests

When a woman is tracking her fertility she will most probably get a good idea when the pregnancy test should be taken. Most women are able to receive positive test results as early as seven days after ovulation, at the time that early pregnancy symptoms start showing. But for other women they might not get a positive result until they miss there period. Other women won’t get a positive result until after they miss their period.

It’s up to you when you take the pregnancy tests, it’s your choice when, depending on how you feel or your predications, but you should know that the test should usually be taken around twelve to fifteen days after you ovulate, this will help you get the best ovulation results possible, and the most accurate results, which leaves you in a better state of mind as you are more confident in the results, compared to guessing when you should take the test, which is not recommended. A fertilized egg might not actually implant in the lining of the uterus for around up to 10 after you ovulate.

When you decide to take the pregnancy test at the right time, you should be aware for more accurate results you should take the test at home, during your first morning urine, just simply dip a test stick underneath your urine as you urinate into the toilet. To take a pregnancy test at home, a woman must dip a test stick in her first morning urine. Taking the test in your first urine of the day gives you a more accurate result as HCG can be easily detected because your urine is more concentrated in the morning than any other part of the day. Different Tests will vary; some allow you to simply urinate onto the stick, but others you might have to dip into a cup of urine.

The results of your pregnancy test will usually show up during the first 10 minutes, anything after that period is neither accurate nor reliable.

Most tests will show two lines if you’re pregnant and 1 line if you’re not pregnant, but this is not the same for all pregnancy tests. Some are different, you are able to get digital tests which simply say Pregnant and Not pregnant.

If your not confident with the regular pregnancy test which you can buy in shops then you can easily visit your doctor and take a more professional pregnancy test there, the doctor will either provide a urine test or a blood test, each of them are extremely accurate compared to the regular tests. Blood tests are more accurate and can be performed as soon as six to eight days past ovulation.


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