Indian Vegetarian food ? best for Health and fitness

People around the globe have this misconception in their minds that being a vegetarian is limiting oneself from the variety of food options, one can actually have. This is so not true. In countries like the United States, people actually think that vegetarians only eat uncooked or raw vegetables. When in reality, this is so the opposite with the case of Indian vegetarians. Indian vegetarians in fact have an array of Indian vegetarian dishes to choose from rather than eating the same old and tasteless typical vegetarian dishes, which vegetarian people outside India otherwise have. When it comes to flavor, Indian vegetarian food offers a range of delicacies that meets up the taste of every kind of human being. You don’t always need to have a lamb or a chicken or a beef or any other sort of meat to have a mouth watering experience while you eat.

In India, mostly all Hindus are vegetarians because they feel that killing animals is inhumane and one mustn’t do that just for personal pleasure. That’s the reason why vegetarians have come up with so many ways to make their vegetarian food as much tasty and healthy as the non vegetarian one. Spices make an essential contribution to Indian vegetarian food as they enhance the taste as well the quality of the food.

Indian vegetarian food is not restricted to just vegetables; it even includes fruits, sprouts, lentils, beans and legumes. Vegetarian food is as healthier as any non vegetarian food and it doesn’t even have those fatty calories in them, which are abounded in the meats. It’s no surprise that Indian people who are vegetarians are still living up to an age of 90 years or more.

Mostly every Indian vegetarian dish includes the Chapatti.

It is sort of bread along with which all the vegetarian dishes are eaten. Even the non vegetarians enjoy their meats along with a bite of vegetarian chapatti or a “Nan”. Chapattis are made of wheat flour which are rich of nutrients and have the lowest number of calories in them. But if one craves for something heavier than the chapatti, one can always go for rice. There are many Indian dishes that are made out of rice like the Griddle Fried Rice or the “Tava Pulao”; these dishes are as yummy as they sound and are appropriate for those vegetarians who have a huge appetite.

Indian vegetarian food includes street food as well like “gol gappas”, “tikkis”, “dahi bhallas”, “chat papris” and many more. Just the name of such food items gets water into people’s mouths who know what these taste like. The exquisite flavor that springs up out of the various spices and the “chutneys” is just indescribable. Vegetarian foods aren’t dull as assumed by many; rather they are so much more versatile in taste, flavor and options than the non vegetarian foods. No other country’s food can match up the quality and the taste of Indian vegetarian food, that’s for sure.

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