Indian Food is Healthy

Indian food might as well be the cultural heritage of the country. Some of the widest ranges of cuisines is available in India. Compared to its western counterpart, Indian cuisine has a mix of vegetarian (in fact mostly vegetarian) and non vegetarian diets. By its nature, the food is rich with spices, antioxidants and natural essences. In fact, you would be surprised by the amount of medicinal value that some basic recipes of Indian cuisine provision. In spite of the peculiarity of this cuisine, it is probably one of the most widely available cuisines in the world. Ready to Eat food packages are also available by companies that include preservatives in their ready meals items for a longer shelf life.

The reason why most of Indian food items contain vegetables is because more than one third of the Indian population is vegetarian. Lentils and Curries are some popular forms of Indian dishes. Breads are available in plenty of varieties – from rotis, parathas to tandoor naans to tawa kulchas – every bread has it’s own unique texture and flavor  even when they are all made mostly of wheat. Rice is popular in the northern regions of India as a popular food item. There are over one billion people in this country and every house has it’s own uniqueness in cooking preparations. The diverse culture, climatic conditions and often times availability of food crops makes Indian food very different in different locations across India

Maharashtra is known for it’s Jhoonka Bhaakar and Vada Pav whereas Gujarat is known for dishes such as Dhokla and Dal-Dhokli. Northern parts of India have the most popular dishes which are globally known such as Chicken Tandoori, Naan and other Punjabi dishes. The southern region has interested food options which are very healthy yet with very tasty. Dosais, Idlis originate from the South but are one of the most popular Indian food of an Indian breakfast.

The best part about Indian food is that the process of preparing them can be surpirisingly easy. With modern equipment such as the roti-maker, stove and also the Microwave, making Indian dishes is piece of cake.


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