How to Cook Delicious Pad Thai Recipe

Thai food is the most famous food in the world. As the Thailand is famous for its beautiful locations similarly it is famous for its food. In Thai food the ingredients used make it more tasty and yummy. The main ingredients used in Thai cooking are : garlic , chillies , lime juice , lemon grass , fresh coriander , fish sauce (nam pai) , shrimp paste (kapi) , rice . Rice is main good of Thailand and is eaten with almost every meal. Thai cuisine differs from region to region and the different areas can be defined by certain taste criteria: North – mild/hot, salty/sour, but never sweet , Central – hot, salty, sweet, sour , Northeast – hot, salty, sour (salads popular) , South – very hot, salty, sour (curries popular). Thai food is also called Thai cuisine.

If you want to cook Thai food at home then you can tries some recipes that are authentic Thai recipes like Thai green curry, Thai red curry, pad Thai recipe.. The ingredients used in it are easily available and the whole recipe is cooked in few minutes.

Pad Thai Recipe – pad Thai recipe is one of the most authentic Thai dishes you will find everywhere today. It has a long history in Thailand. Basically these dishes are made from fried noodles. There are different varieties in pad Thai recipes that mainly uses chicken, beef, or seafood. If you are vegetarian then you may even find a tofu recipe available.
The ingredients required to cook pad Thai noodles are : 150gm flat rice noodles, 2 tbsp sunflower oil , 10 large peeled raw prawns, 2 garlic cloves sliced, half a red chillis de-seeded and sliced, 2 medium sized beaten eggs, 2 tbsp fish sauce (nam pai), juice of one lime, 1 tbsp light muscovado sugar, 5 tbsp roasted cashew nuts, 7 spring onions sliced on the diagonal, 70 gm beansprouts.

To cook pad Thai noodles first of all cook noodles.

For this take noodles and boil them for few minutes when they are boiled properly drain them and tossed with one tbsp oil. Take a frying pan and pour rest of oil in the frying pan and heat this oil untill it start sizzling when splashed with water. Now add raw prawns in the frying pan and fry for one and a half minutes. Add garlic and chillis and further cook for few seconds. Now pour the beaten eggs in it and fry it untill it looks scrambled, then Sim the heating. Add noodles, fish sauce, lime juice and sugar in it. Toss for few minutes so that everything is mixed properly. Again tossed for few minutes by adding cashew nuts, spring onion and bean sprouts. Garnish it and serve with sauce.

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