How Deal with Symptoms when Being 8 Weeks Pregnant.


On the 8th week of your pregnancy common symptoms caused by hormonal changes will occur. Symptoms like abdominal cramping and pain, breast enlargement, lower backaches, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, food aversions and weight gain. These early pregnancy symptoms will start to fade at the beginning of the second trimester. Only with time you will start to feel better.

The reason why your breasts get bigger is because hormonal changes prepare them to produce breast milk. They will most likely feel sore to the touch and tender and there is no way to keep them from growing. Therefore, you might want to start applying skin lubricant lotion to help against future stretch marks and scratching.

Lower backaches and a sharp pain in your buttocks start with the pressure from your growing uterus on the lower part of your spine and the sciatic nerve that innervates within. To help ease the pain is recommended to stay off your feet and rest as much as you can. Consult with your physician if the pain is strong and persistent. 

Abdominal cramping may be always concerning but it’s a normal pregnancy symptom. Upon this symptom there might be a fear of a possible miscarriage which is a common reaction from women in the early stages of pregnancy. This mild cramp is produced by physical stretching of the uterus which will occur throughout the pregnancy. During your prenatal visits, make sure to discuss with your physician about any cramping reaction; if it’s painful or persistent, or accompanied by bleeding, contact your doctor immediately.

This could be a serious pregnancy problem or a miscarriage.

Nausea and vomiting are mainly caused by hormonal changes. Food aversions often accompany these symptoms. These uncomfortable symptoms may occur at any time and may continue even after the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. Some women may have these symptoms stronger than others causing them to lose weight and dehydrate. To diminish these symptoms is preferable to eat starchy foods before going to bed to help with the stomachs acids, avoid strong flavor meals and drink beverages that help calm the stomach such as ginger tea and lemonade.

Weight gain is a common factor among pregnant women. By the 8th week of your pregnancy you will probably gain about 1 to 3 pounds. Keep in mind that each pregnancy is different and some women may gain more weight than others. One of the main reasons of weight gain is the swelling caused by the retention of water.  It’s important for your body to retain water because it will help to regulate the water loss during delivery and it’ll be used as breast milk. Bear in mind that pregnancy is not the right time to want to stay fit. Consult with your physician about suitable levels of weight increase.

Pregnancy is a wonderful blessing accompanied by plenty of challenges. Make sure to regularly visit your physician; let him know about any discomfort you are feeling and consult with him before taking any action. For sure you’ll have a healthy and strong baby wrapped in your arms.

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