How and what food to eat for healthy teeth

Twice daily brushing and regular visits to the dentist are essential to have good teeth. But food also plays an essential role. Know what foods are in favor of a healthy oral? What are the small harmful habits? And what are the misconceptions?

It is best to eat chocolate and not fried.
Yes, chocolate is rich in fluoride and phosphate which is involved in the prevention of tooth decay! For best results you must choose the Dark Chocolate with at least 70% Cocoa.

Chew sugarless gums instead of biting into a sugar free candy.
Chewing is good for teeth because it increases salivation, which has a protective oral effect. Saliva limits the demineralization of the enamel of teeth and allows self cleaning surfaces of teeth.

The candy: chew rather than suck.
The contact time of the teeth with sugar is very important. The more it grows the more bad for teeth. It is therefore appropriate to limit the lollipops, but caramels and nougat, which have the annoying tendency to stick to teeth. Similarly, it is best to eat candy instead of sucking. The longer contact time of tooth with the sugar produce more chances of tooth decay and if not treated on time then tooth replacement is the only option available to get your tooth back.

Stay on the cheese instead of eating a fruit.
Cheese contains calcium and fluoride, all of which protect teeth from acids.

Do not mean not eating fruits. Thus, the ideal sequence would be dessert and cheese rather than cheese and dessert.

Sugary drinks, better: the drink through a straw instead of drinking through the glass.
Drink straw can limit contact with acids teeth and enamel erosion.

“Changing the way of eating or drinking can also help you to minimize the negative effects of foods that are not good for teeth.”

It is best to eat the bread with meals rather than between meals
Foods which are high in starch (carbohydrate) such as bread, results in the production of dental plaque. One should not excluded that food, but do not eat between meals.

The main source of fluorine is: drinking water, not fish.
That said the marine fish are rich in fluoride but water is the main source of fluorine.

Before bedtime: it is better to drink a glass of water and not a glass of milk.
Milk contains lactose, which is a carbohydrate. Now all carbohydrate foods are likely to contribute to the formation of dental caries. So before going to bed, you wash your teeth and then, if necessary, drinks only water.

It is better to be tempted by: caramel rather than by the salty snack.
The kinds of snacks cookies, but like dried fruit, are responsible for starch, a carbohydrate which adheres strongly to the teeth. Caramel also contains sugar, but that dissolves quickly in the mouth. Thus, from this point of view, the appetizers here are more cariogenic than caramels.

In conclusion, we must remember that certain foods are good for our teeth; some are bad, just that some foods are good for health, some negative. Do not mean to eliminate. Rather, the rule is to maximize the diversity and reduce the excess. But we can identify and correct some negative habits and also adopt best.

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