Healthy Fast Food (!?)

Healthy fast food? really?

Let’s all admit this: we all love fast food. From pizzas to hamburgers, fast food are considered to be some of the most affordable delicious food we all just love to indulge in. While fast food are cheap, quick and convenient, they are unfortunately most of the time unhealthy. One fast food meal usually packs on all the calories, fats and sodium that your body needs in one whole day. Because of this, eating fast food regularly could lead to serious health problems.

Sometimes it is difficult for us to avoid from having to eat fast food, especially when we are eating out with friends or family. At times we also need to fulfill our cravings for fast food, and sometimes fast food is the most economical choice in hard times.

This article will teach you on how to enjoy healthy fast food. Now when we mention healthy fast food, it basically means that there are some things you can change in order to enjoy a healthier alternative. Fast food is rarely healthy most of the time, regardless of what they advertise to you. Here are some simple eating healthy tips to enjoy healthy fast food.

Ways to minimize the health hazzards of fast food

Study The Menu Carefully: When you are ordering for fast food, take a good look at all of the meals in the menu and focus on the descriptions. Always go for dishes with plenty of vegetables and lean meats. Stay away from foods which are deep-fried,  pan-fried, basted, breaded, batter-dipped, or described as creamy, or crispy as they all have excess unhealthy fats, sodium and calories.

Choose Plain Water: While carbonated drinks could be very tempting, especially during the warmer months, always choose plain water instead.

Carbonated drinks are loaded with sugar, and they provide plenty of empty calories. If you feel like you want something with flavor, have unsweetened ice lemon tea or maybe just squeeze lemon into your cold plain water.

“Undress” Your Meal: If your meal comes with dressings, especially vegetables, ask the waiter to have yours without the dressings which are fat-packed and calorie dense like sour cream, tartar source, thousand island, sour cream, cheese, and butter spreads.

When it comes to eating healthy fast food, you must not be shy or hesitant to make any special orders or custom orders. You must insist. Healthy fast food could really help you your weight loss goals or even to get a six pack abs. 

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