Healthy Diet Contributes to Pregnancy

There are indeed many reasons for infertility, and they may include:

Female aspect: ovulation dysfunction (30% ~ 40%), oviduct celiac factors (30% ~ 40%), can’t be explained and other reasons (20% ~ 30%).

Male aspect: varicocele (37.4%), unexplained reasons and others (41%), testicular failure/hormonal abnormalities (9.4%), blocked vas deferens (6.1%), cryptorchidism disease (6.1%).

The proportion of unexplained infertility in women and men occupies respectively 20 ~ 30% and 41%. It may be caused by emotion and pressure; maybe the fate and the time have not come; but it can also be caused by diet and environment. Diet is very important for us and hard work is also for the “mouth”. So today, we’ll talk about the diet that promotes pregnancy!

If you are trying to get pregnant, these foods should be eaten less!

Look at the serried coffee chain shops in the street, and you will know how much of the population drinks coffee. And then take a look at who are sitting inside?

People who are going to bear a child occupy the majority! We call on that people who are ready to become pregnant do not touch coffee and tea! As for the chicken breast and cola, soft drinks without nutritional value can be seen everywhere, they should touch less; the irritant pepper, harmful cigarettes and alcohol are also the major killer of affecting sexual function, so we need to be away from them.

If you take medicines of treating heart disease and high blood pressure, it will also have the side effects of influencing sexual function. You should ask your doctor about this problem. As a result, eating no above-mentioned food allows the genes of people who want to become pregnant healthier.

Healthy diet contributes to pregnancy

If you want to win at the starting line, you can refer to the following food to see if you can your spouse has the sign of lacking a healthy diet:


Proteins, after being bsorbed by the body, will become amino acids, of which arginine is considered to be the raw material of manufacturing the sperm. Protein is very important for reproductive function, endocrine, and hormone. Food like milk, soy, eggs, lean meat is rich in protein.

Vitamin E

It is also known as tocopherol. A lack of vitamin E may injure the testis. The germ, whole grains, beans, eggs, sweet potatoes and green leafy vegetables are rich in vitamin E.

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