Growing Healthy Food on your Window Boxes

Window boxes are a great addition to any kind of residential or commercial units nowadays.  They can add a great deal of splendor to a simple window and make your surroundings more fresh and unique.  However, there are a lot of benefits in using these window boxes aside from adding aesthetic value to your properties.  They can also be a method for urban gardening and can be used as a way to grow food sources in your own backyard. Growing your own food may be a very big challenge in urban areas but different ways of gardening has become widespread.  One of the types of gardening is the urban gardening and this is about making use of any available space in your home to grow your own food and at the same time help beautify your surroundings.  You can use small spaces like your balcony or you can do it indoors and even on your roof.  You can use empty pails or rubber tires and even custom window boxes to act as your plots where you can grow your own food garden.  The popularity of urban gardening is increasing because of its numerous economic benefits.  You can do this as an income-generating hobby or you can just grow the food so you can save more and still eat healthy. There are a lot of vegetables that one can grow form their own homes.  You can try to grow leaf crops like lettuce and arugula and in a few months time you can have your own home-grown salad.  If you have a flowerbox, you can use it to plant peas since they grow well in containers and their vines can be supported by your window ledges.  You can also plant tomatoes and basil or even eggplants since these types of plants grow best with sunlight and will look lovely on your window boxes.  Herbs are also one of the favorites when you are just starting to have your own urban garden.  You can try parsley, peppermint, rosemary or oregano since they grow well indoors and they can add lots of fresh flavors to meals you want to prepare for your family and friends. Living in the city should not be a hindrance if you want to grow your own food.  Be innovative with the limited space that you have and be creative with the options available.  The availability of finding fresh food that will suit your budget has become more and more difficult so why don’t you start your own food garden right at home.

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