Fresh Healthy Vending, Dedicated To Providing Healthy Food Options

Fresh Healthy Vending knows that in America the amount of obesity among children is increasing and continues to be a growing problem in the country, and children are considered the first generation to live shorter lives than their parents. The company when surveyed came to know that, in spite of this important information in hand; children are always powered by an incredible amount of empty calories every day, so that nearly 40% of their daily calories come from sources such as empty chips, soda, pizza, milk, whole cake, and sweetened fruit drinks.

Are these foods familiar? Often this kind of food is more common in schools around the country and is loaded on the cafeteria vending machines and kids have no choice but to eat them. Surprisingly, children are tired of junk food and looking for new healthy vending choices.

Fortunately, Fresh Healthy Vending has made great strides, as Michelle Obama has paid much attention to the problem of childhood obesity, and looking at the critical issue Fresh Healthy Vending offers fresh alternative to the campus and in the schoolyard. The company’s effort has seen improving and their initiative were largely appreciated. The company is all out to provide healthier school meals and vending machine stock and fresh healthy alternatives.

Fresh Healthy Vending has spent a considerable amount of time and money in developing better healthy foods, which are healthy for children. They plan to induce nutrition education program and closely move into the education system so that when children are still in school, they know what really healthy eating is.

Fresh Healthy Vending believes that by offering fresh choices in vending machines is not going to help the situation. Ultimately, many students do not know what the nutritional content of food is and how many servings of each group of food they should eat every day.

Fresh Healthy Vending is one of the leaders in vending machine that focus on providing it customer with healthier choices. The company ensures to execute new technologies and manage customized vending programs for its customer throughout the US.

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