Foods That Help You Get A Girl Baby

Before I get to the specific foods that might affect the conception of a girl baby, I want to generally talk about the diet that should be avoided if you’re just generally trying to conceive. It’s generally advised that you want to avoid the foods that can alter regular and reliable ovulation. These are foods known as phytoestrogens. These are found in things like soy, tofu, flax seeds, sesame seeds, wheat, whole grain cereals, oats, and yams. Also, some women’s vitamins and supplements contain soy so be sure to read the labels.

Other foods that are generally thought best to avoid when you are trying to become pregnant are sea-foods that may contain excess mercury, high amounts of caffeine containing soda or energy drinks, and foods that have high levels of nitrates (sausage, bologna, hot dogs, etc.) Generally, following a sensible, balanced, and healthy diet that allows for moderation is the key. You never want to get most of your calories or nutrients from one food group or to take in too much of one thing. Having a lot of variety is an easy way to accomplish this.

Also, and hopefully it goes without saying, that you should not diet or limit yourself when you’re trying to become pregnant. Should you become successful, your body will generally be working very hard to support a healthy pregnancy. The fuel that helps accomplish this is food. That’s not to say that you should go overboard as being close to your healthy and ideal weight is one of the things that supports conception.

It is thought that Acidic Foods Help To Increase The Odds Of A Conceiving A Girl: When the man’s sperm enters your reproductive tract, it will sometimes be affected (both negatively and positively) by the environment that it meets there. For example, Y or boy sperm will have a hard time doing their job when the environment is acidic. And this is precisely why you want for it to be just that. One way to make this happen is by consuming foods that will be metabolized as acidic rather than alkaline.

Examples of such foods are most meats and nuts (including peanut butter). Most dairy and breads are acidic also. While most fruits and vegetables tend to be more alkaline, there are always exceptions in every food group. Fruits that tend toward acid are things like cranberries, plums and prunes. Vegetables that turn acidic when metabolized are things like asparagus, and brussel sprouts. All foods have numbers that correspond to their PH. There are lists that can help you with this if you need them. And, you can test your urine with PH testing strips to determine if the diet is working. You can also douche with different substances to help to speed this process along.

More Girl Friendly Practices: Food and diet is one of the major variables over which you have the most control when you want to conceive a girl, so this is a great place to start. (And you should not stop until you see that you’ve reached a level that is decidedly acidic. It is not worth it to leave this to chance. Test if you aren’t sure.)

But, there are other places where you could also turn your attention. You want to also focus on your timing and when you conceive. This needs to be early and needs to occur before your egg’s release. And, another easy thing to incorporate into your regimen is using shallow penetration when you have sex or intercourse. The scientific reasons for all of these additions to your routine lies in the fact that doing these things will pounce on the fact that the Y or boy producing sperm are much more vulnerable and easy to pick off under these conditions. I suppose this is like survival of the fittest in the reproductive world.

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