Foods That Cause Gout – Cross These Off Your Grocery List!

Gout is a form of arthritis that is easily known as the worst one. It is caused by high uric acid levels in the body which crystallize and settle into your small joints in the hands and feet. The high uric acid levels come from a number of sources including over production within the body and by eating foods high in purines, which convert to uric acid when the body breaks them down. To find a way to avoid gout symptoms or suffering from gout you can change your diet to avoid flare ups and excessive inflammation in your body. A gout diet is simply the changing of your current diet to avoid gout foods and fill up on super foods that allow your body to work better and fight off inflammation better.

Some of the most popular gout foods include bacon, veal, turkey, salmon, liver, trout, mussels, and scallops. There are many other foods that are high in purines and the best way to see if you are eating any or too many of them are to keep a food journal for two weeks. Once you have done this you can talk with your doctor or an experienced nutritionist who knows how to create the right gout diet for you. There are ways to portion out certain foods and eat them rarely as not to bring on gout symptoms that may be high in purines and one of your favorite foods. This isn’t about deprivation, but instead coming up with a way for you to have a fulfilling life without the pain you’ve been dealing with because of gout.

You may have to cross a few foods off your list, but won’t it be worth it to avoid the pain you’ve been dealing with. Gout is a terrible form of arthritis and if you can avoid it by merely changing to a gout diet then you have found the key many wish to know about from the start.

This is how you can avoid the symptoms you hate and still eating the foods you love.

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