Food Products to Avoid During Pregnancy

There are certain food products which should be avoided or taken in limited quantities during pregnancy to prevent harm to the unborn baby. Here is the list of food products, vitamins and minerals which should not be taken in excess quantities or completely avoided.

Raw meat, eggs and milk – During pregnancy expecting mothers should be careful to avoid food which can cause food poisoning. There are certain bacteria such as Campylobacter and salmonella which can cause food poisoning. Campylobacter is found in raw meat, and salmonella is found in raw meat, raw eggs and unpasteurized milk. One should avoid unpasteurized dairy products and extra care should be taken while buying sausages and burgers.

Food which is given in parties, barbecued meats and buffets are not prepared cautiously and it can contain harmful bacteria. Pate should not be taken as it can contain bacteria listeria. Hot dogs and deli meats can be dangerous and one should cook eggs until the white yolk and yellow surface gets hard. High amount of listeria is found in some cheese products.

Caffeine – High quantities of caffeine can raise the risk of miscarriage. Caffeine reduces fluids from the body and it can result in dehydration and loss of calcium. One should drink a good amount of water and take fruit juices instead of caffeinated drinks. One can take milk to meet the need for calcium.

Harmful raw vegetables – One should always wash hands before eating and clean fruits and vegetables carefully with water. Vegetables also contain certain bacteria which can be harmful to the unborn baby. Raw sprouts such as clover, mung bean, radish and alfalfa should not be taken.

Herbal teas without recommendations – One should not take any herbs or herbal tea until it has been suggested to be safe by the physician. There are certain herbal teas such as the raspberry leaf tea which can lead to contractions and complications.

Alcohol – Avoid alcohol as it can cause deformities in the new born baby. It is directly related to low birth weight issue in babies.

Vitamin A – One should not take access amount of vitamin A because it can harm the unborn baby. One should avoid intake of liver because it contains a good amount of vitamin A. Vitamin A is found in carrots and green leafy vegetables. Restricted quantities of vitamin A can be taken.

Untested Fish – Intake of certain kind of fishes can be harmful because certain fish contain pollutants such as polychlorinated biphenyls and dioxins. Tuna is a type of fish which contains a good amount of mercury that can be harmful for the nervous system of the fetus. One should not eat shark, marlin and swordfish. There are certain fishes which are exposed to industrial pollutants and it should be avoided. Fish from lakes and rivers can be exposed to high quantities of polychlorinated biphenyls and undercooked shellfish such as oysters and mussels is also harmful for the unborn baby. One can meet the local fish advisories to know if the fish is safe for intake of not.

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