Food Nutrition ? Eat Healthy to Stay Fit

All of you must have heard of the saying, ‘You are what you eat.’ This statement is so very true and holds special relevance in today’s times when junk food is all that people seem to eat. A high stress lifestyle along with bad eating habits has wrecked havoc on the health of today’s youngsters. And this has in turn led to an increase in lifestyle diseases like hypertension, obesity and diabetes.

It is high time that all of us took proper care of our health instead of becoming a sick and tired generation. After all, if health is lost, something is lost.’ What is the point of earning millions if you do not have the health to enjoy the small pleasures of life. Here is a guideline on how to revive your good health back by taking the right foodstuffs.

The right food nutrition is extremely important to stay healthy and fit; it is not enough to just eat but to eat the right foods that will boost immunity and keep you in top shape. It is also the way to lose excess weight and stay toned. Instead of sticking to three big meals a day, break this down into five or six smaller meals at regular intervals which are good for improving digestion and metabolism in the body.

Breakfast should be made the most important meal of your day. After a night of sleep, the body needs to be recharged once again to face the pressures and tension to keep you going through the day. Most people do not find time for a sit down breakfast anymore; this is fine as long as you are able to take it the right amount of nutrition. A glass of mixed fruit smoothie is a great way to get the right nutrients and hardly takes any amount of time. You can even prepare it and carry it along with you to office if you cannot find enough time to have it at home.

Instead of eating fried snacks and fast food, carry along nuts or a salad made from fruits and vegetables to munch at office. A small change but this can go a long way in providing you with all kinds of nutrients like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Try and have home cooked food as much as possible but if you cannot, make sure you eat healthy even while eating outside. Instead of fried chicken or burgers, opt for a vegetable submarine or some steamed fish with salad. The idea is to take in the right nutrition instead of eating stuff that only provides bad fat. Protein is an absolute must so make sure you include meat and meat products and dairy products in your daily diet. Ideal food nutrition means taking a balanced diet which will provide you with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, carbohydrates, fats and protein.

So take charge of your diet once again and make sure that you are eating a balanced diet everyday which will provide your body with the right food nutrition.


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