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To eat healthy the choices of healthy foods is the main condition. There are many foods around us; all foods have not equal nutrient values. There is calculation of nutrients for our health daily. We have to meet up the target nutrition value to have a well health. Eating healthy foods means eating those foods regularly which provide us the right amount of nutrients that we required for our health. There is RDA for every element of foods. Like carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamin, mineral. But we have to take the as a food ingredients, so we have to know the foods that are the sources of them.



In our regular food menu, usually grains are a main item. But we should know the amount of grains we have to take daily. At least six ounces of grains daily is recommended. In a cut of cereal or in a slice of bread we can get one ounces of grains. We can take three ounces of whole grain cereals, rice, bread or pasta also. So, we are using grains as a component of food, we must be sure they are present at the required amount every day.


Some people don’t like vegetable or don’t take the vegetable as the required amount. But we have to know that vegetable has many major and minor nutrients and a good source of dietary fibers.  You should take two and half cup of vegetable daily. We should eat the dark vegetables like spinach and broccoli. Carrots and potatoes are good vegetables. You should have more dry beans in your food preparations such as pinto beans, peas, kidney beans. Vegetable has a lot of good effect to our health.


One of the important elements of our healthy foods is fruit.

As advices of many doctors a fruit contains varieties of vitamin, mineral and antioxidants. So we have to take it in a correct amount to prevent the deficiency disorders and to reduce the chances of heart diseases and cancer. You always try to eat at least two cups of fruits daily. If enough fruits are not available try the frozen, dried and canned fruits. Fruits are seasonal so, you have to preserve extra fruits to get it in off season. It is good to drink the fruit juices; it brings the changes in food habit.


If you are thinking about the calcium rich food, Milk must be on the top of your menu list. The standard of drinking milk 3 cups for adult and 2 cups for the kids. You can take the milk product also. There are some products of milk with high fat, you have to avoid that. Milk product with low fat or fat free milk products will be the right choice for you. Some people don’t like the milk and its product or some people can’t tolerate the milk, they can go for the lactose free milk products or any other good source of calcium. Some beverages and fortified foods are the good source of calcium also.


Meat and beans

You have to intake protein rich food daily. Meat and beans are the choice for the required protein for you. You have to eat at least 5 ounces of meat in a day. It is a good idea to change the sources of protein in daily menu. We have meats, fishes, beans, nuts in our hand for choice. In case of meats or fishes, it is good to bake it, broil it or grill it.

There are other factors you should have in your mind during cooking foods. Use solid fat like butter, margarine as less as possible. The saturated fatty acid of solid fat is harmful for body, if is taken in much amount. These foods added a nice flavor to the food but these are very cholesterol rich foods. So, these can cause heart diseases. So, try to limit the use of these types of foods.

It is always good to try about keeping the level of saturated fats, Tran’s fatty acids and sodium in food preparation. For that, you can get help from the information are written on the package of foods. Now-a-days many of food package contains the table of nutrients of the foods. So, get assurance from package nutrients table about the quality of your food.

So, choosing the right foods for your health is a great idea as it change and controls your life style. You have to take the healthy foods with the healthy life style. Healthy life includes proper diet, adequate physical exercise according to age and socio-psychological condition of an individual. So, you have to maintain the healthy eating along with the other factors of good life style. Choosing the right foods will help you to keep the spirit of health towards an enjoyable life. That is no matter what is your old now. Just choose the foods and take them properly day by day. That will help your body for a long run.

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