Food Choices for Healthy Teeth

In addition to brushing and flossing, eating the right food may actually help prevent gum diseases and tooth decay. Most of us know about the many kinds of food that are bad for the teeth, some are not aware that there are several kinds of food that keep the teeth healthy. Consuming food high in sugar, starch, or carbohydrates produces bacteria that feed on the food left behind. They generate acid that leads to tooth decay.

Some types of food can also help you fight off the bacteria that build plaque. Bacteria can be fought off by eating celery. Besides the obvious health benefits of consuming celery, it also causes you to chew more, producing more saliva in the process. This kills the bad bacteria that cause cavities. Additionally, consuming this naturally abrasive food massages your gums and cleans between your teeth. The high water content of celery is also a good way of cleansing your teeth, sort of like naturally brushing your teeth.

Some dentists Knoxville TN also recommend eating cheese. Cheese, in addition to its low carbohydrates and vitamin D content, contains calcium that is excellent in keeping your teeth healthy. Much like celery, cheese also makes you produce more saliva, which destroys harmful bacteria in the mouth. Furthermore, cheese also helps prevent teeth discoloration, rebuilds tooth enamel, and balances your mouth’s pH level.

People from all over the world suffer from tooth stains and discoloration. Professional teeth whitening procedures by dentists Knoxville TN are common nowadays, but there are also some kinds of food that can assist in teeth whitening. For instance, oranges and strawberries are a great way to naturally whiten your teeth. Brushing your teeth daily with strawberries is a viable alternative to potentially harmful whitening gels and strips. Moreover, rub a little orange rind skin on your teeth after brushing with toothpaste to enhance its effects.

Maintaining a beautiful smile requires a lot of work and possibly cost you a lot of money. While eating the right kind of food helps in taking care of your teeth, keep in mind, however, that these are only supplemental methods. One needs to maintain good oral hygiene habits which prevent bacteria buildup in your mouth. Regular checkups with your Knoxville dentist should be performed at least twice a year.

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