Feast On Healthy Food-grab Organic Protein Bars

When you think about going on a diet, the first thing you do is to get rid of all of those fatty foods that you have hiding in your cupboards and freezer. You pull out the garbage can and throw everything away that you believe has an ounce of fat in it. You then head to the grocery store to stock up on all of the foods that you think are healthy for you. You purchase all sorts of things for quick meals and breakfasts, but let this be a warning to you! Many of the foods that you think are good for you actually arent healthy at all.

Quick Meals Are Often Quick Fat

Its the New Years Resolution to end all others losing weight. As you shop for the right fast foods to help you achieve your goal, though, you might be grabbing items that arent as healthy as you think.

The Most Important Meal of the Day

Take breakfast, for example. When youre looking for a quick breakfast one of the easiest things to do is to grab a muffin. You may grab a bran muffin or a corn muffin thinking that these choices are much healthier for you than other types of muffins. Sorry youre wrong. Basically a muffin is a cupcake that has lost its frosting. It has a great deal of fat in it and has more calories than a glazed donut! So the next time you think about snagging a muffin at that high priced coffee shop you frequent in the mornings? You may want to think again.

Smoothies are another serious error if youre thinking healthy. Smoothies are often placed in the shrine of health food among many people. Tell someone youre going to a smoothie bar, and they may think you have a serious commitment to nutrition. Actually, though, smoothies are very calorically rich and sugar-laden! This is because choices like fruit drinks, high fructose syrups, ice creams, and even whole-milk yogurt are used to make them. In fact there are actually large smoothies that contain more calories than that fast food meal youve been avoiding!

When Healthy Choices Just Arent Available

Even though we all wish that we could cook healthy foods for ourselves every time were ready to eat, the reality is its just not possible all of the time. Thats why we carry protein bars like the Daily Mocha Mantra. These organic bars, made with organic raw almond butter and organic raw agave syrup, features dark chocolate, one of the best ingredients you can find, and organic coffee, to give your mind a little kick start, and as one of the many protein bars available today, are a much better option that many of the very fattening so-called diet foods out there.

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