Fast Food – People Want Healthy Fast Food Chains

Imagine this, instead of greasy fries and a fatty, greasy hamburger, you drive through a fast food drive-thru and can get organic or all-natural foods. The growing trend in living green is showing that people want healthy fast food chains. Many people want to eat healthy foods with no added chemicals, but think they lack the money or the time to do so. It would be a great idea if a store such as Whole Foods Market decided to open a fast food chain. As long as the chain was affordable and quick, the vast amount of dieters or health conscious people would jump at the chance to support an idea like this.

Imagine the sauteed tofu with veggies, a fresh side of applesauce, free range chicken strips on whole grain bread with lettuce & tomato, and fresh fruit that you could order on the go. This is a great example of what a healthy fast food restaurant could serve. It would revolutionize fast food America, and probably help many waistlines in the process.

These days some of us are so busy that we feel there is no other choice but to go through the local drive-thru and order an artery clogging, gut-busting meal because there is not time to cook. This is not true, most people want healthy fast food chains. For anyone who has seen the documentary movie “Supersize Me” it is enough to turn you off of eating at a fast food chain ever again. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to eat on the go while traveling or running around town without worrying about trans fats, calorie contents, or frankenfoods?

A healthy fast food chain would also be a great alternative for the business professional who often doesn’t have time to pack a lunch for work. You could drive-thru and order a fresh salad with light dressing without worrying about whether you have been deceived.

For example, many traditional fast food chains will advertise something as healthy, but when you see the actual nutrition information, it is far from it. In fact, eating the so-called healthy items at a traditional fast food place may be worse than eating those greasy fries. It is sad that our world has come to this.

As the people in America and across the world continue to gain excess pounds and develp heart disease, diabetes, and cancer, it would be to our advantage to aggressively pursue a true healthy fast food chain. There is strong evidence with the explosion of green products and organic foods everywhere that people are concerned about their health and the environment. Just remember, people want healthy fast food chains. It is time that the food industry takes the health of people into consideration rather than just their wallets.

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