Exercises in Pregnancy

Most of the women during the period of pregnancy think they should quit exercises. While Doctors around the world have a different opinion which says they must continue exercises. Studies have shown that a pregnant woman needs to be physically active for better results during pregnancy. These studies have also shown that a pregnant woman can carry on exercises till the third month of pregnancy. Pregnant woman should consult her doctor for the best suited exercise for her.

As pregnant women have many questions and myths associated with exercises during the pregnancy here I have tried to answer some questions in details.

What are the best exercises during pregnancy?
Swimming and cycling in the gym are the best exercises during the pregnancy period. Weight lifting exercises should be totally avoided. These exercises should include short breaks and should be less vigorous. Taking breaks during the exercise increases the efficiency.

Can I do Jogging and fast walking?
Jogging and walking are very good exercises during the pregnancy. Doctors say a pregnant woman can walk till the time of labors. Walking helps in movement of knee joint and hence prevents knee pain during the pregnancy.

Can I do Yoga during pregnancy?
Sitting exercises of yoga are quite safe during the pregnancy, Pranayam can be tried.

Can I do stomach exercises during pregnancy?
Stomach exercises are really helpful because they help in making the Rectus abdominis muscles of the stomach strong that helps in safe delivery and also follow up with lesser stretch marks.

Can I do jumping exercises like rope jumping?
No this should be avoided as it may cause abortion and hence very risky and harmful.

I have started exercises only during pregnancy. Is it safe?
Doing exercises during pregnancy do not require that you must be doing exercises before pregnancy too .So you can start exercises any time during the pregnancy.

Which exercises are not safe during pregnancy?
Biking and skiing can be dangerous during the pregnancy. It’s a fact that after the fourth month of pregnancy body movements become rusty and hard to control. So avoid such exercises that require lots of body movement.

Most of the above specified exercises are safe during the pregnancy .But you must not try anything without the consent of your doctor. If you feel nausea, vomiting or have bleeding from the vagina, immediately consult your doctor.

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