Eating in a Healthy Way

Are you seriously concerned about the possible harm that may come to you and your family with the kind of food that you are serving on the table?

Amidst the controversy and concern about genetically-modified foods, we are now seeing the emergence of a new philosophy about healthy eating known as organic food. This food scare that has crept into our homes has led us to avoid chemically-laden foods, beefs, and other foods that are known to have negative effects on our health and our children’s mental development.

The main organic food sources include animal foods and plants that were not exposed to excessive amounts of chemicals. There is a strict adherence to the banning of genetically modified foods in this type of farming setup. This is one of the more contentious issues plaguing commercial farms as there is now a growing backlash on such commercial farming practice. Animals are raised on these farms. They are provided a living space that mimics their natural habitat. They are fed food without any traces of chemicals and drugs.

Many people believe that these foods are always ahead when it comes to taste. Many people are choosing organics at the grocery store as an alternative to regular, commercially grown foods. Studies show that food in its purest form can alleviate many causes of food allergies and reactions.

As we are appreciating the direct benefits that we get when you include these foods in our diet, we are also contributing to the protection of our environment. It is also an accepted fact, that workers in organic farms are a lot safer as they are not exposed to harmful chemicals.

Our main concern about commercial foods is our continued ingestion of harmful chemicals and pesticides that remain in the foods that we buy from a commercial grocer. One particular concern is antibiotics. These antibiotics generally find their way to the food chain and are taken in by humans when they eat the animals that have been raised on commercial farms. Several researchers have already confirmed the increased health risks that result from the ingestion of animals that have been raised on antibiotics. Some of these antibiotics and chemicals have carcinogenic effects and may even lead to the mental retardation of our children.

The beneficial effects to humans, animals and our environment are enough reasons for us to take a strong stand to support these products. With the increased demand and preference for organically produced plants and animals, more people will be encouraged to go into this type of farming to meet the growing demand. This will ensure that there will be an ample supply of healthy and safe food product which we can serve to our families.

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