Eating Healthy ? Tips To Eat Healthy Foods

A diet expert from France once said that he have studied over 600 diets but he found that the most healthy and easy one from these is the diet mentioned by Muhammed the prophet of Islam as he said something in the meaning of “We – Muslims – don’t eat till we become hungry and when we eat we don’t fill our stomach” the same man, Muhammed, said something else in the meaning of “The worst vessel that was filled is the stomach” So it is known centuries ago that eating healthy is useful for the body, soul and mind.

The human is a very complicated creature, how many of those who want to discover the best healthy weight loss diet already know that the problem is that they burn calories less than what they should be burning I relation to what they consume? I think that there are many people who know that but how many of them who already apply this to his/her lifestyle.

This complication in our nature also makes the problem of unhealthy eating depend on different factors in different people, but the most obvious is the stress in life and the very busy work schedule that many people have these two can make it very hard to eat a healthy diet or even have time to think about it.

So how you can eat healthy:

They say that breakfast is most important meal during the day. You should start your day with a healthy meal. Start your day by eating low fat milk, eggs, cereal and fruits or fruit juice.

When it comes to lunch you should keep in your mind that you can consume the whole amount of calories you need in one meal. You can eat salad with chicken at home or outside. Just pay attention to what you put in your mouth.

Dinner is very important too and many people take it in the wrong way. Eating dinner just before sleeping is a very bad unhealthy habit that many people. You should eat your dinner at least three hours before sleeping or you help gaining weight and heart burn and other health problems.

Water is very important with all the meals you have. Eating enough amount of water every day has a great benefit to the body like detoxifying the blood and helping in metabolism reactions. Drinking about 2 liters of water daily should be enough to make your body well hydrated.

There two different types of people, those who know and don’t take action and those who take action once they learn something and those are the successful people. Which type are you?


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