Eating Disorder During Her Pregnancy

Eating disorders that may occur are anorexia, bulimia and binge-eating “(as many food in the shortest possible time). These eating disorders are actually dangerous for both the pregnant woman and the unborn child. Women with eating disorders have additional medical help their pregnancy as healthy as possible to bear. The body of a pregnant woman during her pregnancy, just one more calories than non-pregnant, so the development of the child support. It is very important that women suffering from eating disorders or think they have an eating disorder, a proper medical treatment.


Women may be infertile even if the body for a long time not getting what it so desperately needs. Women suffering from anorexia or bulimia have an irregular cycle; menstruation may eventually failure, and the fulfillment of a child.

When you have recovered from an eating disorder and trying to get pregnant, it may be possible that a pregnancy is delayed a little. The body has time to make the hormone again the normal way to get started. It could well be a while before the first menstruation is announced again (when it was completely stopped) and when it regularly again and again so you regularly have in your ovulation cycle.

A large number of women still end up in the “medical mill, because they require medical assistance to conceive can be. Think of inducing ovulation.

Consequences for mother and baby

A pregnant woman with an eating disorder during her pregnancy is a major risk. Babies of mothers with eating disorders may be stillborn or die during pregnancy. Pregnant women who do not eat healthy during pregnancy, just to prevent weight gain, run a greater risk that their pregnancy ends in miscarriage or a stillborn baby than women who ate healthy during their pregnancy. Remember that your baby gets all of what you eat during your pregnancy.

Everything you do not give yourself to healthy nutrients your baby is also wrong. Outside a lower birth weight, premature birth and low Agar scores may be more problems, breathing problems, difficulty in forming vessels and nervous system impairment and even blindness and other physical and mental problems.

While women have problems of eating disorder, also experiencing her baby because the baby in the womb is entirely dependent on the mother and the nutrients it gets, the baby will try to get into, vitamins, minerals and calories to pulling as possible. If you are not eating enough and / or associated with extreme sports go, you can feel very weak and / or problems with walking, breathing and other normal daily activities.

Women with eating disorders have become more quickly dehydrated and needed extra moisture. If you do not have enough calcium, you also experiencing problems. Calcium maintains strong bones and teeth, and whenever you have a lack of getting osteoporosis is a serious possibility. Damage to the heart, liver and kidneys may become enlarged during pregnancy. Complications during birth are much more common in pregnant women with an eating disorder.

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