Cheese – A Delicious and Healthy Food

Cheese is a healthy and delicious food which is made from the milk of cow, goat, buffalo, or sheep by coagulation. Really, there are countless kinds that are available out there with different textures and styles as well as diverse colors and molds. Additionally, the type of milk used, the length of processing, the length of aging, and the kind of bacteria added will influence the flavors of the cheese.

The Origins of this Unique Dairy Ingredient

In fact, the word cheeses comes from the Latin word cases which mean ‘to ferment, to become sour’. This is known as an ancient food and existed prior to recorded history. By the time of the Roman Empire, the art of creating it was truly sophisticated and complicated. In addition, the earliest forms were probably sour and salty such as cottage cheeses and the Greek feta.

Utilizing it in Cooking

There are some types of cheeses which can be used as appetizers like Blue cheese, Roquefort, and Manchego. You could also serve it along with several crackers. A platter with a variety of meat products such as ham and sliced sausage creates an amazing appetizer during some meal and party.

You could also crumble flavorful cheeses onto salads. For instance, an delicious and exotic salad may consists of baby spinach, dried cranberry, walnuts, blue crumbles, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.

Truly, there are numerous types of saucy dishes and foods that you could create from cheese. Beside all foods that have been discussed above, you could also create delicious and interesting homemade pizza.

In order to make more flavorful pizza, you can attempt to add feta or blue cheeses instead of having usual mozzarella.

Because this flaky ingredient is known as really versatile ingredient in cooking, you could do a few experiments on it to create a tasty and unique dish each day.

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