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It is eating pureed consistency and consists of liquid and semi-solid hrane.Predstavlja transition between child for convalescents, light diet and liquid diet hrane. Ova used in postoperative nutrition of patients with acute infections, and gastrointestinal poremecajima. Karakteristika this child is a small amount fermentable residues and easy svarljivost. Ova diet without spices, or in very small kolicinama. Ogranicena the introduction of fruit, meat, medical povrca. Postoji mushy diet, which has the same composition as the general mushy mushy dijeta. Hirurška eating requires a little more limited in mesa.Povrce intake and fruit are used in the form of puree or fruit juice.


•  Juice of half a cup pomoramdže,
•  half a cup cooked meal,
•  boiled egg 1 piece,
•  toast 1 piece
•  butter or margarine 1 piece,
•  milk 1 cup cooked,


•  Tomato soup 1 small plate,
•  macaroni and cheese 1 small plate,
•  puree of spinach 1 small plate,
•  1 piece of toast,
•  butter or margarine 1 piece,
•  apple juice 1 cup,
•  1 cup sour milk,


•  chopped boiled chicken 1 piece,
•  mashed potatoes 1 small plate,
•  mashed carrots 1 small plate,
•  Toast a piece.
•  butter or margarine 1 piece,
•  milk 1 cup cooked
•  Mushy diet containing 1800 Cal. protein 60 g. 80g fat. Carbohydrates 200 g.

Nutrition Infectious Diseases

Nutrition Infectious disease is an individual depends on the disease, the activities, habits and digestive tolerancije.

Bolest may worsen with the regime of feeding, but will not show improvement ishranom. Cilj excessive eating, not to the patient fattening than to lead a normal weight. Increase your metabolism is always accompanied by any febrile condition, leading to accumulation of harmful products, to various degrees toxemia, which can lead to smenjenja activity of liver and kidney of bodies performing dezintoksikaciju.

Anorexia and vomiting, the most common companions of infectious diseases, determine the type ishrane. Ishrana must include basic elements as well as in healthy: carbohydrates, proteins, fats, salt, water, vitamins, which must be adapted to the respective bolesti. kaloricna value, the need to be satisfied, because during the temperature increase, calorie consumption increased by 100-200 Clod normal, and often comes in the febrile state to gladovanja. Kod most acute infectious diseases, the clinical course of disease and nutrition can be divided into three stage.

The first stage of nutrition

In the beginning of the disease diet is based on the principle of relative rest of the digestive tract: small frequent meals of liquid food, low caloric value, such as: milk, sugar, eggs, water, fruit juices, etc..

1.  Water is needed during the febrile period to satisfy thirst, reduce the loss from the body during the febrile state of evaporation through the skin, lungs, through urine and stool.
2.  Milk itself contains complete food ingredients, easy to digest and takes first place in the diet of febrile stanja.Za vitamins lost during cooking, but this deficit is compensated in some other nacin. Da to bust up the monotony mixed with coffee, chocolate, and kremovima similar.
3.  Sugar main energy food, easy to digest and come uzima. Kod febrile state is given by eating or by infusion in the form of glucose.
4.  Fruit juices are happy to drink containing a high percentage of vitamins, their flavors seem refreshing.
5.  Eggs are often composed of dijete. Dodaju usually kašastoj soups or food.

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