A Healthy Grocery List Will Get You On The Road To Feeling Great

I like to go grocery shopping. It’s relaxing and I enjoy being surrounded by all the food. The produce section is always so colorful that I just feel invigorated being around so many naturally grown products. This didn’t happen until I started trying to live a healthier lifestyle though. Once you start really feeling good again you’ll notice food tends to taste better and for me I started trying a wide range of different foods that I would have never touched before otherwise.

To me a great menu starts with taking pride in selecting food for what I like to call a “healthy grocery list”. When making your very own list put foods on it that make you happy. Why would you spend your hard earned money on something that are dreading to eat? We live in a fantastic world where there is an abundance of great food wherever you may be. Take advantage of this and feed your brain and body with good foods to energize you and promote well being and happiness within you because you REALLY ARE what you eat.

Here are some pointers for you to follow when putting together your own healthy grocery list.

Plan out your meals ahead of time – If you want your food to taste good you have to start w/ fresh ingredients and you don’t want anything sitting around longer than it has to, especially produce! Why not stimulate your taste buds with something totally different and out of the ordinary for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? This also gives you a chance to go thru and use some of those coupons you’ve been collecting as well.

Organization saves you time – Break your grocery list down into the basic food groups as they will probably be kept together at the store and it will save you time in the long run. This way you won’t be running all over the 4 corners of the grocery store looking for items that you forgot. Remember I said I LIKE the grocery store but that doesn’t mean I want to spend eternity in it!

Stick to the list – There’s also nothing worse for your wallet then going into the grocery store without any aim and trying to buy food off the cuff. You will inevitably spend money on items that you don’t really need or will not use right away.

Don’t forget to treat yourself to a little junk food too every now and then. Remember in order to achieve the results you’d like when it comes to your fitness you need to stay in a good frame of mind. Splurge, have some fun, eat some junk food every now and then and ENJOY it! Just like everything else though keep in mind that junk food is best enjoyed in moderation.


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