3 Types of Food to Avoid When Pregnant

Pregnancy is a journey that requires a lot of planning and consideration of several factors before beginning it and throughout the journey as well. There are numerous factors to consider when pregnant such as what activities to indulge in, how many hours of sleep you need, how your sleep cycle should be and most of all, what you eat. Your nutrition plays a vital role in the growth of your baby thus you need to pay careful attention to the food you eat. As much as it is important to eat certain foods such as protein, vitamin and mineral rich food, there are also several types of food you should steer clear from and avoid for the period of nine months. While some of these foods may be a personal favorite, sacrificing it for a measly nine months would definitely seem worth it in the end when you find your baby that you nourished and developed in your arms. Let’s look at some of the foods that you should avoid:


While abstaining from alcohol during pregnancy is pretty much a piece of information that is considered general knowledge, it cannot be stressed enough, and despite the fact that this Is known, many pregnant mothers consume alcohol in very little amounts such as a small glass of wine assuming that it cannot harm the child. This isn’t true, even the mildest amount of alcohol can affect a baby negatively and its growth process. Alcohol consumption should be abstained for the breast feeding period as well since the alcohol can pass onto the baby via breast milk. At such a tender age, consumption of even trace amounts of alcohol to the baby can be harmful.


There are mixed opinions on the consumption of caffeine; however there is enough evidence to state that there is a possibility of various complications if caffeine is consumed during pregnancy such as low birth weight and miscarriage. Thus, it is highly advisable to refrain from caffeine as well. That being said, in comparison to alcohol, very small amounts maybe consumed only if you are a regular drinker and require it to function efficiently.

Deli Meat

Any type of deli meat such as sausages, meat loaves or salami among other similar foods should be avoided. Besides it being unhealthy due to the very high fat content, It bears the risk of breeding a bacteria named Listeria. While most deli meat undergoes high levels of quality control, there is still a possibility of the bacteria is present. This bacterium is virtually ruthless to the pregnant mother. It can cause miscarriage or may spread via the placenta and cause infections to the baby. Thus, it is important to avoid any form of deli meat at all costs despite its popularity.

These are three of the main foods that you should forbid yourself from consuming during pregnancy and preferable until the breast feeding period is over. Avoiding these foods and focusing on organic foods and foods that have a high protein content (and low fat content) would ensure the healthy growth of your baby.


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