27 and 28 Weeks Pregnant

27 Weeks Pregnant

Now you are in your 27th week, this is a stage when your baby is roughly weigh about 1 kilogram and positioning at bottom-down position (transverse position) in the uterus. But from now on, he can take the head-down position at any time to prepare himself for the birth; however, in some women, the baby takes the head-down position in the last few weeks of pregnancy.

He is still developing and his development keeps going till the birth time and even after his birth. His soft, brittle bones are now becoming harder and stronger. His lungs are not yet developed and if you have a premature labor at this stage, your baby will need to be kept under strict medical attention along with ventilators and incubators because he is not yet able to breath on his own. His eyes at this time are no more fused closed as his eyelids are now open and he can even blink.

It may not be possible that both you and your baby have the same sleeping periods. Your sleeping may differ as when you sleep, you baby is awake and when you are awake, your baby might be sleeping. This is perhaps because your daily house chores work as a lull to your baby and he sleeps at day time and when you are asleep, he is stretching his muscles, and other organs to make them stronger and healthier.

28 Weeks Pregnant

So, you are steadily progressing towards the birth time. You have spent quite a long time with your baby now and you are now aware of his waking and sleeping times, the sounds on which he responds. The development of the lungs continues, as airways and air sacs are almost developed. The subcutaneous fats continue to build up underneath the skin of baby.

Up till now, fats buildup is not sufficient to keep the body of your baby warm in the outer world so these fats build up continue till the birth time.

During this phase of pregnancy, the testicles of baby boy descend to scrotum; however, in some this may happen at later some stage of pregnancy. Head of your baby is now more proportioned to rest of the body. The soft, fluffy langua begins to disappear from the skin of the baby leaving behind only the patches on shoulder and neck regions; however, he has grown some hairs on his head. The skin of your baby will give you shiny, moist looks as it is now covered with vernix. As fat deposits build up underneath the skin, wrinkles start disappearing.

You will notice that with every passing week the movements of your baby become more prominent and frequent. He will stretch his organs, kick you, and even scratch the wall of uterus. On hearing loud noises, he will move in the uterus energetically. Reports say that at this stage, your baby responds depending upon your mood swings. This is because placenta delivers certain hormones such as Cortisol or stress hormones to the baby that causes your baby to relax or agitate accordingly.

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