17 Weeks Pregnant Complete 101

Now a significant development is taking place in your baby’s body In this particular stage, your baby is going through a rapid development. It is a close time of your delivery. Throughout this time, different types of changes are taking place in your body and body of your baby and this particular time is called as the 17th week’s pregnant symptoms.

It is a time of rapid changing because the skeleton of your baby is rapidly changing now. That is why your belly is growing now. Due to this fact, the centre of gravity of your body is also changed. In this time, you may feel a little body imbalance. You may experience a feeling of unsteadiness on your feet and that is why it is really important to take a proper care of your health during this time. In order to avoid the risk of falling, it is very important to take a proper care. Always wear low heeled shoe. It is a very obvious fact that a turn on the ground could be a very dangerous fact for both of you and your baby.  Don’t be casual when you are in a car. When you are in car, you must buckle up yourself properly.

Now your baby is starting to look like a human being rather than an alien. In this time, soft cartilage skeleton is converted into bones. Due to this fact, the body weight of your baby is also increased and it weighs near about 5 ounces. The length is also increased by 5 inches.

Now your baby can move his joints and can move throughout your body very easily. This is the time when your baby starts moving his joints and can continue moving throughout the body. From his time, your baby can hear things.
Most of the health experts believe in one thing and that is nothing but a power of touch. Just rub your hands against your belly and you will feel the things calming down, It not only helps you to calm down your baby but it also make your baby feel warmth and love and it will make a strong bonding between mother and children.

A soft music could be a good option. The baby will have a response to this. It will calm your baby. These are the major joys that you will experience from being 17 weeks pregnant.

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