The High Protein Diet without Potassium Rich Foods

Diffrent individuals follow diverse hundred of diets and weight loss plans in an attempt to keep them fit. While a drastic low calorie diet or a no carb diet is the way to lose weight of some people, changing eating habits is a simple choice of others. A high protein diet which many people turn to in order to lose fat, build muscle. Bodybuiders use this diet and consider it similar to a low carb diet. In fact, two diets are significantly differnt. ndividuals who are on a high protein diet consume a great deal of beef, chicken, and soy in addition to nuts and some dairy products and, in many cases, fruits and vegetables are consumed much less frequently. By that way, on the high protein diet, they do not get enough potassium which is contained so much in fruits and vegetables . Therefore, they who can not meet the recommended daily dosage of potassium (2000 mg – 3000 mg for aldults) may face up with severe side effects.


Potassium deficiency is associated with weakness and fatigue, muscle spasms, heart palpitation, anemia, and severe headaches. Other side effects of potassium deficiency may even include high blood pressure, swelling in the glands, and diabetes. To maintain the proper function of the body, it is important to regularly consume potassium rich foods. When it comes to natural sources of potassium there are many options to choose from. Vegetables like potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli, and leafy greens all have high levels of potassium as do fruits such as papaya, strawberries, oranges, bananas, and melons like cantaloupe and honeydew. There are several protein sources which are rich in potassium, as well including chicken, fish, nuts, and beef.

While these foods are also included in the high protein diet, individuals on this type of diet plan should not neglect the other foods rich in potassium because they also contain other nutrients which are essential for maintaining the proper function of the body. If you are having difficulty reaching your recommended daily dosage of potassium you can take potassium supplements in 99mg tablets. You should use caution in doing so, however, because these supplements are not as easily digestible as natural sources of potassium so you could experience stomach problems. The best option is to eat plenty of natural sources of potassium.


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