Eight Healthy Ways to Eat an Egg

Do you like eating eggs? In China, many parents force their children to drink milk and eat eggs for breakfast, because eating breakfast is very important to start a new day and eggs can provide us protein, which supplies the amino acids that can build people’s muscles, blood and organs. Except for these, eggs are rich in abundant nutrition for our health.

Let me tell you some healthy was to eat eggs.

Boiled eggs-This is the simplest way to cook eggs. What you should do is just put eggs add some salt and boil your eggs with some water a saucepan. If you like eating eggs very much, you can put more in your saucepan. And then boil them for several minutes are okay. Boiled eggs constitute two ways: Hard-Boiled Eggs and Soft-Boiled Eggs. The former means you can boil them in water until they cook all the way through then peel off the shell to eat. The other way means you can boil them in water, but don’t let the yolk cook to the hard stage and then eat them with a spoon.

Scrambled egg-Scrambled egg whites can be made in a healthy way by cooking them in extra-virgin olive oil with onions and asparagus. Beat the egg whites with a fork and add them to the pan, scraping the mixture periodically as the eggs cook to prevent sticking. Cook until egg whites no longer look wet. People like eat scrambled eggs with tomatoes in China and it is my favorite way.

Poached eggs- Poaching are a way of cooking an egg by removing the shell and placing the inside of the egg in a cup and carefully sliding it from the cup and into a deep pot of hot water, but not boiling water. With this way, you can put some salt into hot water, and then break an egg into the saucepan and wait until you’re egg has turned white take out using a spoon perforated preferably and serve with toast or a bit of side salad.

Omelet-Firstly, you should beat an egg in a cup once you have done that beat together one tablespoonful of milk, and add some salt to this mixture, fold the egg white into a hot greased frying pan, and place this in the oven until it sets.

Except for these ways, you can also cook breakfast burrito wrap and open faced egg sandwich, or sunny side up eggs, which are liked by children.

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