Eating Out and Eating Healthy

Going to a restaurant and trying to eat healthy is not easy. Here are a few tips to eating better when you have to go out to eat.

If you decided to drink coffee at dinner, order it black or with low fat/skim milk.

If the restaurant you are dining at serves bread on the table before dinner, either ask them to remove it or you can see how much will power you have and not eat it.

Ask the server if the vegetables are made in butter and if so ask them just for the vegetables, no seasoning or sauces.

If you are ordering chicken breast for example, ask the server how it is cooked. Is it cooked on the stove with oil? Also, ask the server to leave any sauces off the chicken. You would just like the plain piece of chicken breast nothing else.

Order your meat steamed, grilled, baked or blackened. Never order the fried version. This is definitely not on any diet plan.

If the meal you ordered comes with fries, ask if you can substitute a salad or vegetables.

If your meal comes out with sauces on it or butter on your vegetables don’t be afraid to let your server know and ask that they fix your meal the way that you ordered it. Don’t eat the sauces and ruin your day of healthy eating for fear of sending your plate back to the kitchen.

Ask your server if you can have the lunch portion of the meal you would like to order. Not only will it save you money but it comes out in a smaller quantity.

Restaurants are serving huge amounts of food these days. More food than most people can eat in one setting. Eat until you are almost full then push the plate away. Ask your server for a to-go box and take it home with you for another meal. Not only are you saving calories for that meal, you are saving money on another meal.

When dessert time comes around and you are feeling like you want something sweet, the best thing to eat for dessert is fresh fruit. It may or may not be on the menu but if you ask your server I am sure they can accommodate you.

The sugar in alcohol can ruin your healthy eating. The best choice for alcohol is a glass of red wine. Alcohol is loaded with sugar and is definitely not any diet plan.

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