Consume Good Foods for Healthy Heart

Why should you consume healthy foods for the heart?  Beacuse Heart disease are among the leading causes of death in adults worldwide. Is therefore little more than take care of your heart. Make regular exercise, not smoking, manage stress, eat less total calories, etc.. part of the recommendations given by health experts, along with eating a variety of healthy foods for the heart and full of nutrients that make up a healthy diet.

you can add these 15 healthy foods for the heart to increase nutritional intake while eating what you want, and keep the heart healthy:

1) Salmon
Fish are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids that protect your heart by reducing both inflammation of the risk of blood clots. These omega-3 fatty acids also help reduce the risk of heart attacks.

These good fats will also keep your cholesterol levels down. Eat salmon or other fatty fish seafood such as tuna, sardines or herring at least 2 times a week.

To prepare a healthy meal for your heart, try grilled salmon steaks with vegetables and eat a salad seasoned with lemon juice (rather than a vinaigrette sauce too rich in calories).

Try to buy wild salmon, which contains fewer contaminants polychlorinated that salmon raised on a farm.

2) Olive oil
Olive oil reduces your risk of heart disease by reducing your levels of LDL (“bad”) cholesterol. Choose olive oil for cooking, or make a good dip for the bread, adding a little olive oil in a small bowl and adding a little balsamic vinegar and oregano.

3) Oats
Oats contain a soluble fiber called beta-glucan that helps reduce total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol in particular.

Soluble fiber also help to keep your digestive system healthy.

Eat oatmeal with just a small amount of brown sugar and lots of strawberries and walnuts for breakfast. Cold cereal made with oats are also very good with milk or soy milk low fat plus a few slices of fresh fruit.

4) Apples
Apples contain a phytochemical called quercetin which acts as an anti-inflammatory and helps prevent blood clots as well.

Apples contain vitamins and fiber, are delicious, come in many varieties and are easy to take with you everywhere. Eat an apple with a handful of walnuts or almonds as a healthy snack or add apple slices to your healthy salads.

5) Almonds
Almonds and other nuts contain healthy oils, vitamin E and other substances that help maintain levels cholesterol under control. Almonds are also a good source of protein and fiber. Almonds can make a great snack on their own. You can also sprinkle slivered almonds on green beans or asparagus, using lemon juice seasoning healthy.

6) Red Wine
Red wine contains a powerful antioxidant called resveratrol. Resveratrol has been shown by studies to be healthy for your heart. However, be sure to enjoy red wine in moderation. Studies show that only 12 to 25 cl (1 full glass) of red wine per day are useful.

7) Whole Grains
Whole grains provide vitamins and fiber that will help keep your heart healthy. Try passing white pasta with wholemeal pasta (made with 100% whole grains).

Make a sandwich with two deliciously healthy bread made with 100% whole grains, 85 grams of lean turkey breast, lots of sliced tomatoes and avocado and lettuce and a little mustard.

8) Green leafy vegetables
The green leafy vegetables contain vitamin E  and folic acid, which helps to keep homocysteine levels low. The green leafy vegetables were also associated with better memory retention older. Try to use fresh spinach leaves or other greens for your salad favorite, instead of taking all the time to iceberg lettuce.

9) Tomatoes
Tomatoes are packed with vitamins and  lycopene, which have been shown capable of reducing the risk of heart disease. Add thick slices of tomato sandwiches and salads or feast of tomato sauce on the pasta full of wheat.

And keep in mind that the tomato sauce and baked in tomato sauce canned food you buy at the supermarket contain all two more lycopene than raw tomatoes.

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